Inpatient Services

Adult and Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Care

Our Dallas hospital provides inpatient care for adults or adolescents.  We provide 24-hour hospitalization, including psychiatric evaluations, 24 hour nursing care, crisis intervention, and ongoing medical, behavioral and nutritional therapy.  Some common psychiatric issues we treat include, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Post Traumatic Disorder, Schizophrenia, Addictions / Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Medication Stabilization, Suicidal and homicidal clients, and Self injurious behaviors.  Our professional staff will coordinate with outside physicians, social service agencies, and patient’s families to help ensure a smooth transition, not only when patients admit to Green Oaks, but also when they no longer need acute psychiatric services and are ready to be discharged.  For admissions please contact (972) 770-0818.

Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES)

With psychiatric emergencies, every second counts.  At Green Oaks Hospital, we understand this.  Our Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES) is a unique level of adult care that can quickly assess, treat, and triage accordingly.  Our specialized team includes a psychiatrist who is on duty at all times to provide vital medical support.  Help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of economic status.  Our PES is able to enroll individuals in the public care system, set appointments, and gain approval for services.  If necessary, we can provide hospitalization in our inpatient facility, or see to it that a patient is safely transferred to an appropriate care facility.  For years, our PES has helped people carefully navigate the psychiatric emergency from start to stability.  For admissions please contact (972) 770-0818.

Adult and Geriatric Inpatient Psychiatric Care

As with our Dallas-based hospital, our McKinney facility provides excellent inpatient care for adults.  But McKinney also provides specialized inpatient psychiatric care to seniors, ages 65 and older.  The Geriatric Program offers a range of inpatient services and therapies specifically designed to address issues related to the aging process.  The treatment program is designed to help patients reclaim their highest level of functioning and independence.  Referrals may be made by contacting our Intake Line at (972) 547-8888.  Medicare, Medicaid (including NorthSTAR), and most insurances are accepted.